Skinny girl fucked hard over kitchen table - Chailai

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Skinny girl fucked hard over kitchen table - Chailai

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AV女優: Chailai

内容:Desperate for an afternoon nut、 I decided to scope out Soi 6 in North Pattaya. As expected、 the street was fully stocked with bareback princesses and their thirst for satang (Thai change). Depending on what end of the street you enter on、 you don't have to walk far to be lured into a bar by a gorgeous girl. I was lusting for something tall and skinny and sure enough、 a girl named Chailai swiftly jetted out to direct me her way. Chailai was leggy with a nice thin waist. I could sense she might be a condom-free whore so I was happy to oblige in her request to sit down for "one drink". After a few minutes of the standard chit chat and bar girl questions、 I asked if she wanted to make a sex video at my place for a few extra baht. It was bold、 but she was beautiful and to my surprise、 she agreed. Baan Creampie is my humble abode、 and once inside、 I asked Chailai to remove her sexy shorts、 top、 and panties. I then had her walk back and forth so I could ogle at just how skinny she was. As many of you know、 I love fucking slim girls. Inside the members、 you'll view screen caps 45、 52、 and 59、 where I fucked her scrawny frame in my favorite positions. You can't do that with every girl、 but Chailai took my cock pounding like a champ. When I was ready to blow、 I took Chailai to the bedroom and dumped my gooey gunk directly inside her little Asian cunt.

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